Don’t worry about online insurance spies – it’s all made up!

Big Brother insurance companies would have social media networking users quaking in their shoes worrying about having claims turned down because they give away too much personal information online.

The truth seems different to The Insurance Blogger after wading through security and help files on web sites like Facebook.

The online gossip seems to hint that insurers are looking up clients online when they make a claim to see if they were at fault by bragging about going on holiday or buying expensive gear.

However, most Facebook users know they can easily secure their timelines against unwanted intruders viewing their information so only those with permission get to see and hear their gossip.

Of course, hackers can break in if they think your chat is worth the bother – but insurance companies are locked out.

One of the most recent outrageous claims about Facebook and insurance was in the Daily Mail online.

Writer Paul Bentley claims ‘scammed Facebook users could lose insurance claims because they post too much information online’ without offering a shred of evidence to back up anyone has even been scammed and lost an insurance claim in his article.

In fact, the only way an insurance company could look a customer up online would be by asking for permission to view their online information, or by hacking the account, which would be illegal.

Feeling mischievous, The Insurance Blogger checked out if Paul Bentley has a Facebook account – which he doesn’t seem to. However, his insurers will be pleased to know that he has a profile on LinkedIn.

The Insurance Blogger’s conclusion is that Facebook and Twitter users should have nothing to fear from revealing information to their friends, providing their timelines are properly secured, but to play safe don’t tell anyone you cannot absolutely trust any secret stuff.

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  1. If you Tweet you are away for the weekend and your home is open and ready for robbing, I’d expect that is enough to warrant a claim refusal…just test it if you fancy, I don’t.

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