Drunk drivers just don’t know their limits

Most drivers do not know how much the can drink before driving; with many believing they can sink up to five beers or spirits and still get behind the wheel.

Car insurance firms have also revealed a new danger on the roads; drunk passengers, who can make the soberest of drivers crash with their antics.

One insurer polled drivers and found that 14% of motorists will drive while drunk.

Other research shows more than one in three drivers will take their car out the morning after the night before because they do not know how long alcohol can stay in the body.

Official statistics say drunken drivers are involved in one in six of deaths on the roads every year – adding up to about 360 deaths and 1500 serious injuries.

Drivers who are still not sober from drinking the night before are responsible for a further 80 deaths on the roads every year.

Drunk passengers are just as bad as drunk divers

While new research shows drunken passengers grabbing the steering wheel, handbrake or gearstick cause more than 100,000 accidents on the road each year.

It’s though three out of four drivers will transport drunken revellers who put them, their cars and other road users at risk over the party period.

Despite the tragic cost of life, drink drivers pay a financial penalty as well.

On top of the shame and fines on conviction in court, many drivers with a drinking ban will have problems in finding car insurance cover.

Those that do pay a price for their stupidity – with insurers loading premiums by up to £2,500 over the five years following conviction.

That should be a sobering thought for the one in five drivers who say they can’t be bothered to get a taxi or walk home after a night out.

The message is clear for everyone – go out and have fun over Christmas and the New Year, but do not drink and drive even if you think you are sober.

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