How Advanced Driving Courses Can Save you Money on Car Insurnce

Drivers on course for cheap car insurance

If motorists want cheap car insurance, then they should keep on taking driving courses and not breathe a sigh of relief and give up when they pass the test.

Many insurers offer discounts and added benefits to drivers who can prove they make an effort to hone their skills behind the wheel.

Adding that extra experience and technique not only cuts the cost of car insurance, but hopefully makes a better driver who is less likely to have an accident 

Several organisations offer extra training and driving courses:

Pass Plus is a government-backed scheme run by the Driving Standards Scheme. The course lets new drivers take lessons in motorway driving, throws light on driving at night and shows them how to weather different driving conditions.

Many insurance firms offer a discount to drivers who have a pass certificate

Skill For Life – this package is a membership option for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) that includes ‘everything a driver needs to know’ about taking and passing an advanced driving test. Signup, which includes a year’s membership of the IAM, costs £139.

The IAM also runs assessment courses to highlight skills awareness for drivers costing around £35.

Car insurers will discount policies for IAM members.

Speed Awareness Courses – These are generally offered to first-time speeding offenders for around £80 as an alternative to points on a licence – with the promise the driver’s car insurance firm will not find out about their transgression.

For drivers who do tell their insurers about attending the course, premiums are likely to rise rather than fall.

The IAM also runs an advanced riding course for motorcyclists, costing £139 and including a year’s membership.

Other driving courses are available – from training on skid pans and tracks to rally driving skills.

Some car makers offer specialist driving courses to buyers to show off the finer points of their new vehicles – for example 4×4 driving days.

 Although they are fun, these courses do not count towards cheaper car insurance.

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