Driving’s all in the stars behind the wheel of fortune

stars in carsAstrologists would have drivers believe they are sitting behind a wheel of fortune rather than a steering wheel once they get into a car.

Car insurer Admiral has called in astrologists to look at the driving records of 3 million customers and found some accident traits line up with their dates of birth.

So far, insurance companies may rate risk on age, but not on star signs otherwise Virgos could pay more as they were found the most likely sign to have a fault accident in the past year.

However, they are the least likely to mix diesel and petrol at the pumps and fill up with the wrong fuel.

But the stats show they are the most likely to rear-end another car, reverse into another vehicle and to pull out of a minor road without looking.

A Pisces is more likely to have a motoring conviction in the past year – not only for drink driving – while are reckless Cancers more likely to pick up a speeding ticket.

Cautious Capricorns are the drivers least likely to have an accident or a conviction in the past 12 months.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said, “Although our research is only a bit of fun, we did find some definite differences between the star signs. Virgoans in particular seem to have an inclination for certain types of accident.

“Virgoans are supposed to be the perfectionists of the zodiac and have an attention to detail. Our research would suggest that some of them don’t always pay enough attention on the road.

“But it’s not just Virgo, almost every star sign has one type of claim they are the most likely to make.”

Type of claim Star sign most likely Star sign least likely
Car park collision Gemini Pisces
Flood damage Taurus Pisces
Fuel contamination Aires Virgo
Hit third party in the rear Virgo Pisces
Hit parked and unattended car Scorpio Aquarius
Hit a wall Pisces Taurus
Pulled out of minor road Virgo Aires
Reversed into third party Virgo Scorpio
Collision in narrow lane Libra Capricorn
Collision on roundabout Leo Pisces
Car broken into Pisces Cancer

Source: Admiral


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