Ever Wondered How Insurance Companies Calculate Van Insurance Premiums?

Van insurance will deliver the cover your business needs whether you are a solo white van man or run a fleet of vehicles.

Like any other driver, your van must be insured by law – but standard cover will not offer the protection your business needs.

Business van insurance will make sure your van is not kept off the road in the event of a breakdown or accident while making sure your driver and any goods, tools or equipment inside are protected.

Van insurance comes in three different types, just like car cover – third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive.

Third party is cheap van insurance is the lowest cover that pays out for someone else’s loss, damage or injury if your are in a collision with them. Any other claim is paid for out of your own pocket.

Third party, fire and theft van insurance adds replacing or repairing the vehicle that’s stolen or damaged in a fire.

Comprehensive cover adds paying for repairs or replacing a van that is damaged in a collision. You can also top up the cover with extras like insuring goods or stock carried in the van (goods in transit), protection for tools or payment of legal expenses.

How much van insurance costs depends on several factors –

  • The value, make, model engine size and age of the van
  • The value of what is carried in the van
  • Mileage
  • The claims history of your business and the driver

Watch out for claim limits and exclusions – for instance, most policies will not cover goods, tools or equipment left in the van overnight if it is not parked in a locked and secure compound, while many will have an upper limit on the pay out for tools.

Tradesmen can increase the cover for tools – but this will put the cost up as well.

A van insurance quote will take a no-claims discount in to account and a cheaper price for a larger excess.

If your vehicle is business critical, you can also add breakdown cover to many van insurance policies.

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