Facebook Flood Warnings: Keeping Out of Deep Trouble

Householder, landowners and businesses can immerse themselves in the latest flood information community launched on Facebook.

Government agencies, online communities and businesses have joined the page to share advice with  those at risk of flooding.

The page will also issue flood warnings and offer tips on minimising flood damage to property.

Around 5.4 million properties and millions of acres of land are at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea around Britain.

Global warming is threatening to bring more land and homes in to the danger zone as sea levels rise.

One issue for property owners is the end of a special agreement between the government and flood insurance companies to provide cover in flood zones ends soon – and insurers are threatening to withdraw some cover if the government does not spend more on flood defences.

Floods in the summer of 2007, devastated large areas in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire, with clean-up costs totalling £3.2 billion. Around £2 billion was paid as compensation to homeowners and businesses.

The average compensation per flooded home was around £26,500. The average payment to settle claims from flooded businesses was £93,500.

Phil Rothwell, of the Environment Agency, said: “Flood damage can be dramatically reduced when a community comes together to prepare for flooding by keeping people up to date with latest in warnings or flood protection products, sharing experiences or by helping to make small changes to homes to reduce the impact of flooding.”

“We hope that Flood Group UK becomes a vibrant and active virtual community linking people with experience or knowledge of flooding. You may not have been flooded for ages but in areas at risk of flooding, a flood can be just around the corner.”

The Facebook page is managed by the Environment Agency with support from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the National Flood Forum, the Scottish Flood Forum and the Cockermouth Flood Action Group.

View the page at www.facebook.com/floodgroupuk

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