Fashion Injuries given a Dressing Down by Lawyers

The latest stupid insurance statistics dealing with fashion related injuries actually caused a few chuckles in the Insurance Blogger office.

Personal injury firm First4lawyers have well spent time and money compiling the stats – which gives some idea of why legal fees are so high if they call this research work.

Judging by the results of the survey, most of us near professional carers to help us get dressed.

Two thirds of us – a massive 66% – confess to be so challenged when putting clothes on that we have hurt ourselves.

Zips are the biggest offenders – with 37% of adults admitting they have inadvertently nipped their, well, the polite term is skin – in a zip.

Heavy bags are the next. 1 in 4 admit lugging a bag round has strained their back.

Other fashion injuries include:

  • Rashes from fabrics rubbing the skin (17%)
  • Tripping over untied laces (16%)
  • Tripping over long dresses (15%)
  • Simply putting on or taking off clothes has ended with 14% of adults pulling a muscle
  • Toppling off high heels and spraining ankles (13%)
  • Eye injuries from fluff or threads (8%)
  • Ear injuries from catching earrings (7%)
  • And possibly the Insurance Blogger’s favourite – Fainting because clothing is too tight (4%)

The results of the survey so concerned those caring folks at First4lawyers that they felt obliged to issue a warning about getting dressed and undressed.

“Fashion can be fabulous, but it can also be dangerous too,” said a First4lawyers spokesman. “Many fashion injuries can be avoided, so we’d urge people to take care when it comes to their style.

“Be careful when zipping up trousers and dresses, only carry what you actually need in your bag, don’t wear clothes that are too long or heels that are too high and always make sure your shoe laces are done up.”

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2 Responses to Fashion Injuries given a Dressing Down by Lawyers

  1. Not content with chasing ambulances, the lawyers are now chasing people with bad fashion sense. Tragic and what a terrible society we are becoming if we allow this to happen.

  2. And the sad fact is that by giving these muppets exposure through this website more people are likely to try and make a claim and employ the lawyers. We all laugh about the story but it is the lawyers that are laughing all the way to the bank and that’s the real tragedy.

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