Top 10 tips for finding cheaper home insurance

If you are looking for cheap home insurance, then you can save money by following our top 10 tips for slashing building cover.

Home insurance costs may rise slower than car insurance, but every pound you can save on living costs is a pound you can save or spend somewhere else.

The cost of home insurance has gone up around 6% since January 2010 – taking the average annual cost from £142 to £151.

Here’s the Insurance Blogger’s top tips for cheap home insurance:

  • Lock down costs – If you move home, change the locks to keep out intruders who may have had keys from the previous occupiers
  • Sound the alarm – Some insurers offer discounts for fitting burglar alarms – and once installed test the alarm once a month
  • Trip the light fantastic – Security lighting is a great deterrent to thieves and useful for visitors
  • Don’t invite thieves – Keep your schedule and trips away to yourself – that means don’t advertise your movements on Facebook or the like
  • Hot advice about frozen pipes – Turn off water if you are away for any extended time. Lag pipes, especially those in the garden or outhouses
  • No smoke without fire – Fit detectors, put a fire blanket or extinguisher in the kitchen and don’t smoke in bed
  • Check your policy – Cancel cover you do not need. Accidental damage cover can hike premiums by 25%. Do include cover that suits your needs and think about including student children living away on your home policy.
  • Don’t make minor claims – Claim for the big stuff, but pay up yourself for minor claims, especially those around the cost of the excess. This will keep your premium down in future years.
  • Join nosy neighbours – Neighbourhood Watch can keep your premium down if you tell the home insurance company you have signed up
  • Look after your home – Regular maintenance checks can catch problems before they develop in to claims

Lastly, never renew your home policy without checking with a broker or online comparison site whether another firm offers cheaper home insurance.

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