TV presenter run over while filming bad drivers

The ever rising price of car insurance is a problem for many drivers – but some seem to do the strangest things to up their premiums.

One driver firmly cemented himself as a huge insurance risk when he ran over the presenter while taking part in a TV programme looking for the worst driver in Holland.

Ruben Nicolai and a cameraman were treated in hospital for minor injuries after a driver lost control of his car and ploughed in to them as they stood alongside a coned off track filming the driver negotiating a hazard.

Apparently, he lost concentration and left the track.

Horse caught on speed camera

Police had to check twice while reviewing speed camera images when they saw a runaway horse was caught on film.

The startled horse ran several kilometres down main streets in Meppen, Germany.

The camera was triggered by a motorist trying to avoid a collision with the horse.

“The driver has asked if he could avoid paying the fine – he claimed he was trying to get out of the way of a runaway horse. At least we know that part is true,” said police.

Driver shot car that failed to start

A driver in Arizona is spending 90 days in jail after shooting his car when it failed to start.

Lauranio Lovato put two rounds through the windscreen. He was sentenced after admitting unlawfully firing a gun in the city of Kingman.

Drunks in back of van didn’t notice hijack

A drunk driver stole a van and went on a joy ride that ended in a crash with a bus.

The van was left parked with keys in the ignition by social workers caring for drunks and had several sitting in the back waiting to be taken to an overnight shelter.

Police in Anchorage, Alaska, say they were too drunk to notice the incident and none were hurt in the crash, despite the driver Donny weston, 35, driving against oncoming traffic during the trip that covered several miles.

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