The best car insurance deals aren’t always the cheapest

Drivers should check out the features provided by a policy rather than go for cheap car insurance.

Although price is important, cheap motor insurance can fail to deliver in the event of a claim.

That’s the conclusion of an in-depth look at motor insurance by independent financial research company Defaqto after asking 5,000 drivers what features they wanted from their policies.

“Although the cost of any insurance product is an important factor when deciding which policy to buy, the cover provided should always be the main consideration”, said the report.

“Encouraging consumers to simply choose the cheapest option could result in them making a very expensive mistake, especially when they realise that they are not covered when a claim is made. It will also be an expensive mistake for the insurer, as an unhappy customer will more than likely result in them going elsewhere when the policy is up for renewal.”

Providing a ‘courtesy car’ from ‘claim registration until the claim is settled and while a car is under repair were both in the top 10 most important features among consumers surveyed

A courtesy car was of greater importance to 35 to 44 year olds and particularly for those with children

“When purchasing cover, consumers must ensure that they are aware of the provider’s courtesy car provision. Finding out that a courtesy car is not available when you need one could be very costly, especially if you have to hire a car to continue your day to day activities,” said Defaqto.

The main feature many older drivers want from motor insurance, according to the research, is cover for uninsured losses – like pay outs for a policy excess, medical fees or damages for injury after an accident.

Car insurance comparison sites like Quoteline Direct are the ideal place to check out the features and benefits of different policies – and at the same time, drivers can match their cover against the most competitive price.

Finding out what’s on offer takes just a few minutes to search hundreds of policy options after inputting some key details about your car and your driving history in to the online search comparison.

For online users who are not sure what they want from their motor insurance, Quoteline Direct also offers a telephone advice line on 0844 888 8444

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