Home Insurance Claims Highest at Halloween

Thieves and vandals are lining up to strike as the country slips under the influence of the ‘dark side’ in a few days from now.

The alignment of darker evenings, Halloween and fireworks night all coming with a week coincides with huge increases in claims for theft and damage to homes.

According to insurers, burglaries go up 5% when the clocks go back (October 31st) and November 5th is the worst day for reporting damage to homes and cars. At the same time, statistics show road accidents jump 15% with darker evenings and mornings as well.

As the clocks go back, a darker side seems to emerge in human nature as trends show vandalism to homes rises by 150% and damage to cars by 50%. Perhaps the cover of darkness and shadows give extra courage to perpetrators who would not normally say boo to a goose.

“We always warn of the increased security risks around darker nights, Halloween visitors and, of course, firework parties in the back garden, but in 2010 we have everything coming all at once,” said Rob Townend, property claims director at Aviva.

“Obviously the extra hours of darkness give opportunist thieves more time and better cover to slip unnoticed into your home or garden shed. On top of that we have Halloween, which often becomes a night of more damaging tricks than treats, and bonfire night, which means plenty of homeowners are out enjoying parties so cars are left unattended and homes empty.

“Of course, the additional noise means any suspicious sounds, like smashed windows, aren’t heard.”

Some insurers are offering up to 30% off the cost of home insurance with extra discounts and benefits to new customers signing up before the end of the month, so in a way, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

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