Top tips for finding cheap home insurance

Saving money on home insurance without compromising on the level of cover is all about pairing discounts with some simple steps to protect your home and property

Lots of insurers give money off to tempt customers and the best way to save some cash is comparing policies to find money-saving features.

Top of the list is the Quoteline Direct guarantee of a 10% saving on your home insurance renewal with similar cover, subject to normal underwriting criteria.

In many cases, Quoteline Direct can also refund the £25 switching penalty charged by banks and building societies as well.

To start doubling up on the savings, here’s a list of other popular offers for most homeowners:

  • Most insurers cut the premium if you buy buildings and contents cover at the same time
  • Offering to pay a higher excess reduces policy costs
  • Build a no claims discount
  • Homes fitted with insurer approved alarms tend to cost less to insure
  • The same goes for homes kitted out with smoke detectors
  • Simple crime prevention steps like fitting approved window and door locks can save more than the hardware outlay
  • Join your neighbourhood’s home watch scheme to show the insurer you are serious about looking after your property and they ofrten reward you with an extra discount
  • Pay by direct debit as most insurers effectively give interest free credit if you spread the cost this way because they still charge the same price as paying the premium at the start of the policy.

Don’t worry about wading through hundreds of policies to find the cheapest home insurance – that’s what we do for you.

All you have to do is complete the home insurance quote form  and leave the rest to us.

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