Home owners in a fix over weather claims

Homeowners may think they have everything covered – but home insurers are warning that nearly two-thirds do not have the protection they expect because they fail to keep up with maintenance.

Axa has revealed one in 20 storm damage claims are rejected because the problem is not severe storms or weather, but lack of looking after a home.The firm also disclosed that a survey showed a quarter of policy holders would expect insurance to pay out regardless of the state of the building.

Around a quarter of homeowners have had winter weather related damage caused to their home in the past from flooding, strong winds, or snow causing collapsed roofs and guttering.

However, out of those who have lived in their homes for five years or more, 31% do not check the state of their roofs, while 11% have never looked at the tiles or chimney..

Only 41% of homeowners have checked their gutters in the last three years or less and 24% have never cleared gutters.

Despite this, many homeowners are know their homes are not up to scratch.

One in ten say they have a leaky roof, 15% have cracks in walls and 10% have problems with blocked or broken drains.

Just over a third (36%) say they haven’t fixed the problem because it is too expensive while 3% actually admitted they were waiting for the problem to get really bad before making an insurance claim.

James Barclay, home insurance underwriting manager at AXA says: “Misconceptions about home insurance cover is an industry-wide problem that causes a lot of heartache for consumers and a lot of problems for insurers particularly during the winter weather.

“Consumers need to understand that an insurance policy is there to protect customers’ homes against the unexpected and not cover for general wear and tear. There are some claims that we simply have to turn away as they are caused by obvious neglect and lack of investment in the property rather than the weather.

“While it may seem expensive to get your roof repaired or a crack in the wall fixed, the potential cost of an unpaid insurance claim is a lot higher.”

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  1. Home insurance is not for routine jobs and you’ll not fool any loss adjuster into thinking it is otherwise. Just make sure you are covered for all the major risks to your property and buy the right insurance for your needs.

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