Hotel Insurance: Need to Know

Hotel insurance leaves no room for error in arranging cover for guests, staff and visitors.

Whether you run a small boutique bed-and-breakfast, a five-star flagship hotel or something in between, you need to tailor a bespoke policy that covers anything that can go wrong – and that can be a lot of things.

First come the hotel insurance staples –

  • Public liability to cover claims to possessions owned by guests or sickness or injury sparked by visiting your hotel
  • Employer’s liability cover looks after claims from staff – and that covers full and part time workers living on and off the premises
  • Buildings and contents cover – this deals with the fabric of the building, stock, fixtures and fittings

Next consider the custom add-ons –

  • Accidental damage cover – For damage to furniture and equipment
  • Business interruption – Cover for having to stop trading in the event of a major incident, like a fire, flood or foot-and-mouth outbreak
  • Business vehicle insurance – for cars, vans and any larger vehicles run by the hotel for ferrying guests and equipment

The list goes on depending on the turnover and scale of your business and the services you provide.

Like most cover, hotel insurance is quoted with exclusions for certain activities and events- for instance you may need special cover as a live entertainment or sporting venue.

You need to consider contents limits if you hold exhibitions or conferences that entail guests storing expensive stock or equipment on your premises for short times.

Cheap hotel insurance may not provide the best value for money cover, because the exclusions and excess may give a false idea of the cover offered.

The best way to shop for hotel insurance is to go through an experienced broker who has knowledge and contacts in your business sector.

They will draft a bespoke policy to cover your business requirements – and then discuss the best pricing options.

In the end, the best hotel insurance offers the right cover for your business at the best price – which is not necessarily the cheapest.

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