Insiders tips on how to buy cheap car insurance

Shopping around for cheap car insurance is a chore for most drivers – and four out of 10 don’t even bother and just carry on renewing their existing cover year after year.

Comparing car insurance prices can save most drivers money as long as they follow some simple rules.

The number one rule is never renew your current policy. Around 40 per cent of drivers just sign their renewal form every year and miss out on the chance of finding cheap car insurance.

Before you start looking, gather your facts – like a copy of the renewal notice, details of any named drivers and information about any accidents or convictions.

Think about the benefits you want, like replacement cars if your’s is in for repairs, how much excess you want to pay and cover for property stolen from the car.

Consider how you are paying – as a single payment or monthly cover

Now you know what you want, put the details in to a comparison site and see what comes back.

Shortlist the details and do the same at a second comparison site because not all sites cover every insurance company – and some insurance companies are not on comparison sites to try and make you call them so a sales person can have a go at signing you up.

Once you have a short list of insurers, look at their web sites and see if you can get a better deal by going direct.

Some will bundle in extra cover or give a discount if you apply online.

Now’s the time to look at cost. You should compare car insurance on cost, not the cheapest cover.

The second rule of car insurance is the cheapest cover is rarely the best, and as with most things, you get what you pay for.

The real bargain is the cheapest car policy that gives you the cover you really want at the best available price.

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