Silly season for insurance news is fast approaching

The silly season for nonsense insurance press releases is coming up fast on us again.

The object of the endless surveys, polls, studies and research is to highlight the sponsoring insurance companies name in the media for free advertising.

The media doesn’t like to squander space, but if the information carries and interesting twist or message, no one worries about mentioning the source as a favour.

With that in mind, take a look at the latest round of infommercials otherwise intelligent business managers have paid expensive PR and media firms to assemble to represent their brands to the public.

As you read, bear in mind the cost of this garbage is included in your insurance premiums.

This week’s winner is Sheila’s Wheels, the pink and brassy outfit that offers car cover to women.

Their earth shattering revelation is, wait for it, a quarter of Brits do not look both ways before crossing the road.

“Stop, look and listen: the three words that used to be drilled in to children every time they cross the road are now ignored by almost two thirds (64%) of British adults,” according to new research  commissioned by Sheila’s Wheels car insurance.

A close runner up is Co-op Insurance, who have worked out the average British woman owns nearly £400 of shoes they never or rarely wear.

The findings reveal that while women in the UK own an average twenty pairs of shoes, eleven of those pairs will remain hardly worn.

The figure was calculated by multiplying average spend on shoes (£36) by average number of unworn pairs (11).

Personally, after perusing Mrs Insurance Blogger’s wardrobe, I am surprised the figure is so low.

Lastly, Sainsbury’s Finance attempts to cash in on the British love affair with animals by pointing out 1.76 million cats and dogs had dental problems in the past year which, no doubt, could easily have been arranged and paid for under one of the supermarket’s insurance policies.

Coincidentally, the reason pets go with out a dental plan has something to do with the finding from a study by Simplyhealth that nearly 40% of people in the UK admit to skipping routine visits to the dentist as they can’t afford to pay the bills.

Now, if only Sainsbury’s Finance had a comparable dental plan for humans, they might be on a winner.

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