Crime maps turn car insurance into a postcode lottery

How insurance companies process crime data to arrive at the cost for covering a car may have to change with publishing of police crime figures online.

The Insurance Blogger has used the new police crime map to compare statistics with the recent car crime league table published by insurance firm Admiral.

The surprising result is Admiral unfairly base their calculations on an entire postcode when police figures are based on postcode sectors that reveal flaws in the insurer’s calculations.

Leafy Solihull in Birmingham, a well-to-do suburb that is home to bank managers, businessmen and other wealthy homeowners is listed as the second worst place in Britain for car theft by Admiral.

Their figures list Solihull as B94 – but plot B94 in the police online crime map and central Solihull returns 21 offences of vehicle theft and break-ins for December. Drill down in to the data and that shows some streets suffered six offences while others suffered none.

Move out to the other side of the M42 to quiet and quaint Tamworth-in-Arden, still in the B94 postcode, and the car crime figure is zero.

This could mean a car insurer is making drivers pay over the odds for a perceived risk of crime that is not supported by any evidence.

The issue is the database insurers use to compile these statistics – Admiral say there tables are based on statistics from 2 million drivers but do not confirm whether this includes reported crime or insurance claims.

As a driver, the Insurance Blogger expects any insurance premium to be based on personal driving experience and real risk of damage or theft, not some cobbled together numbers that may apply to motorists that can live several miles away.

Admiral’s top hotspots for car theft are Aboyne, Aberdeen (AB34); Solihull, Birmingham (B94) and Neston, Cheshire (CH64).

For theft from vehicles, the top spots are Belgravia, London (SW1X); Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre (NE1) and Axbridge, Somerset (BS26).

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    what about kitts green in birmingham for car insurance

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