Unlucky couple have both their cars stolen within minutes and the insurers refuse to payout

A couple who had two cars stolen from different places on the same day are £10,000 out of pocket after their insurance firm blamed them for not looking after one of the vehicles.

The disaster started when Julie White, a teacher, took her Honda Civic to Phoenix Honda, Paisley, for a service.

The garage left the car unlocked in a service bay with the keys on the dashboard. A thief jumped in and drove off – and that’s when matters took a turn for the worse.

Julie, 41, had left her vehicle registration document in the car that gave the thief her address.

She rushed home as soon as the garage told her about the theft, and when she came out of the house after checking whether the thief has broken in, she found boyfriend Neil McKay’s £10,000 Vauxhall Corsa had gone from the drive.

Car insurance firm refuses to pay out £10,000 claim

Julie then realised a spare set of keys for the Corsa were in her stolen car as well and that she had probably frightened the thief off coming in the house.

The garage accepted responsibility for the theft of Julie’s car, but neither they or his insurers will pay out on her boyfriend’s claim.

The insurer says that he did not take enough care of his vehicle and contributed to the theft and the garage says it’s nothing to do with them.

Neil has taken to cycling from his home to the garage at weekends to protest about the theft of his car.

He explained that he feels the garage is responsible for the theft of his car because if they had taken better care of Julie’s Honda Civic, the thief would not have had the keys to the Corsa.

The car insurance issue follows on insurance companies failing to meet claims for cars stolen while warming up on driveways with their engines running during December’s cold spell.

Policy small print says insurers have the right not to pay out if they consider the vehicle owner has not taken adequate steps to prevent a theft.

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