How to check your car insurance is legal online

Drivers can check their car will steer clear of trouble when new insurance laws launch in June with a new online database.

The site –  holds millions of car insurance records from most of the UK’s leading insurers, including Aviva, Zurich, Allianz, RSA and More Than.

Anyone who has a car  that is not listed on the database will receive a letter pointing out that seem to have an uninsured vehicle.

If a warning letter is ignored, escalating penalties can apply, including a fixed penalty notice; clamping, seizure and disposal of the vehicle and a court prosecution with a fine of up to £1,000.

Insurers are encouraging all customers to check if they are recorded on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) by going to the web site and entering their vehicle registration number.

Ashton West, speaking for MID,  said: “The industry is working closely with government and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) as key partners ahead of the launch of the new scheme, which will be in addition to current police powers in taking uninsured vehicles from our roads. We remain committed to preparing the public ahead of the change in law.”

If their details do not appear on the database, motorists are advised to contact their insurance provider immediately so that the records can be updated. 

 The new car insurance laws, called Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE), started in June.The law makes an offence of keeping a car on the road that is not insured at all times or declared off the road.

Graeme Trudgill, head of corporate affairs for the British Insurance Brokers Association, said: “CIE is instrumental in combating uninsured driving which currently adds £30 a year to every motorist’s insurance premium, amounting to more than £500m a year in additional expenses.

“This is a serious and costly issue, and it’s important that insurance providers all play their part to help their customers make sure that they are well prepared and informed ahead of new law enforcement.”

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