Jet set Brits wing it without travel insurance

Only one in five of every jet-setting Brit flying abroad for a holiday has enough travel insurance cover for their suitcases.

The average case is stuffed with clothes, gadgets and other belongings worth £1,500 – and 2 million holidaymakers had their case lost or stolen in the past year.

While 20% are underinsured, another 8% confessed they have never bought travel insurance to go overseas, leaving them without cover for medical emergencies as well as lost or stolen baggage, flight delays and other mishaps.

Personal gadgets are pushing up the cost of cover, with more trippers taking music players, handheld games consoles, smartphones and tablet computers away with them.

The survey, by a leading online insurance comparison website, also found 19% of holidaymakers had the right level of cover, 30% are underinsured and the rest –  around half – are paying too much for cover they do not need.

Working out the right level of cover depends on each individual, but as a rule of thumb, minimum cover should include:

●     £2 million medical expenses cover

●     £1 million personal liability insurance

●     £3,000 to cover your holiday cancellation – or at least enough to cover the cost of your holiday

●     £1,500 for lost or stolen baggage

●     £250 for lost or stolen cash

●     A policy excess under £100

●     Cover for scheduled airline failure and end-supplier, like hotels and car hire, failure as desirable

●     Cover for travel delays – around £20 an hour for first 12 hours

Like buying any insurance, shop around for the cover you need – then start comparing prices.

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