Kids and Animals trigger odd home insurance claims

Most people would not believe the havoc wreaked by animals and children that end up in odd claims on home insurance. One insurance company has asked loss adjusters to put together details of their 10 most bizarre claims over the last year.

So here are the top 10 maddest claims handled by the firm, RIAS:

  • For some reason a Bath pensioner, aged 91, bolted a badger in the garden shed. The trapped animal then battered a hole through the wall to get out
  • A TV watching dog got so carried away with a program about a barking dog, it leapt at the screen, smashing the TV
  • A granddad melted the keypad on his laptop with a hairdryer trying to dry up a glass of cola spilt over the machine by his grandson, which cost nearly £250 to repair.
  • A pensioner was paid £78 after a snail munched a hole in a carpet in the house of a pensioner, 73, in Preston, Lancashire
  • Strong wind blew a pair of spectacles off the face of a man, 62, walking in the street. A passing car crushed them before he could pick them up. The insurer paid out £470 to replace them.
  • A squirrel smashed a window to break a window to flee a locked garage in Exeter, Devon.
  • A doting granddad showing off his baby grandson on a Skype video link claimed £450 after the child threw up over the computer
  • A pigeon lost balance and dropped down a chimney into a living room. After flying around trying to escape, the room was wrecked and the householder was paid nearly £8,000 for damage to the carpet, sofa, curtains and ornaments
  • A playful puppy found a plastic bottle of oil to chew and ruined a sofa worth almost £1,000
  • A runaway deer jumped the fence into a garden and fell into a swimming pool in Guildford, Surrey, wrecking the pool cover.

Peter Corfield, managing director at RIAS said: “People go out of their way to make their homes and gardens safe and secure, but sometimes the most unlikely events end up causing real damage. Not all claims are straightforward and sometimes we do see some bizarre scenarios. Babies and animals are often the culprits.”

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