Landlords braced for 70 mph storm warnings

Landlords are urged to check their buildings insurance cover for flooding as Britain goes on storm alert.

Forecasters have already issued 28 flood warnings for East Anglia – while torrential rain is on the way as bad weather fronts move in from the Atlantic.

Gales and rain have already battered the west coast, with the loss of the 260 foot bulk carrier Swanland sunk in the Irish Sea, 10 miles off the Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales.

The ship was capsized by waves and sunk instantly. She was carrying a cargo of 3,500 tons of limestone.

Two crew were rescued, one was found dead and five others are missing.

Storms with 70mph winds and lashing rain are expected to hit Britain during the next two days and will last for the first 10 days of December.

Landlord Insurance Providers are urging homeowners in Wales, South West England, and the North East to make sure they have comprehensive flood and storm damage cover.

John Boyle, managing director of landlord specialist insurer HomeLet said: “Landlords must be aware that having flood cover within their buildings insurance is important considering the current situation.  Those living within the current affected areas need to be particularly conscientious.”

The Environment Agency has disclosed the average claim following home flooding is £28,000, compared to £7,300 for a fire and just over £1,000 for a burglary.

“If landlords do not ensure they have comprehensive flood cover; especially within these predicted affected areas; their properties could become damaged by the affects of flooding and putting it right out of their own pockets could cost a fortune. This could also mean their house is inhabitable; thus their tenants having to move out, meaning no rental income.,” added Boyle.

Up to date flooding information is available from the Environment Agency web site

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