Love Thy Neighbour – Except If His Car Blocks You In

One of the biggest bugbears between neighbours is parking – responsible for one in three rows with the people living next door.

The Insurance Blogger can relate to this as my office window looks out on to a quaint street of cottages.

Some are owned by residents and others by second homers who pop down every now and then.

Sneakily, the Blogger bought a house with parking and a garage, but the rest of the street, bar one house, are not so lucky.

Opposite my office is a cottage where the people come down once or twice a year for two or three days unannounced. Their front door opens on to the street with no pavement.

Rude notes

They get extremely peeved when they come down to find a car parked across their entrance.

The residents argue the road is public and it’s first come, first served for parking. The second homers argue the residents should be more respectful of their needs and leave rude notes on windscreens that don’t really help the situation.

Apparently, according to the survey about parking by The AA, my parking space adds 8% to the value of my home

The study goes on to say blocking access to a driveway is responsible for 13% of rows with neighbours,  parking outside their house 12% and parking in their driveway 7%.

I note that Wales, where the Insurance Blogger lives, is top of the poll for such disputes.

Mini dustcarts

I can only put that down to the narrow streets and terraces of cottages in many villages that were built for pedestrians and horse and carts rather than the car.

The drawback is no one can drive a vehicle larger than a long-wheel base van to make a delivery in my street. Even the council has mini dustcarts and the local skip hire has a special small lorry.

The AA reckons most of us won’t report little dinks, nicks or scratches to our car insurance provider in fear of losing our no claims discount and paying out the excess, which is probably true, judging by the state of some of the cars parked around here.

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