10 ways to make your car insurance cheaper

The average cost of car insurance is around £1,500 a year – but that figure does not take in to account the most expensive policies for young drivers could cost up to £4,000 or more.

Driving down the cost of car insurance can make a real financial difference to many motorists.

Although the cost of fuelling is falling, other than loan repayments for a car, the cost of insurance is probably the main other expense for a driver.

Paying £4,000 a year for cover is equivalent to spending £77 a week, and just £5 sliced off the weekly bill will put £260 extra in a driver’s pocket over a year.

To help make driving cheaper – here’s a list of the top 10 ways to make car cover less expensive:

  • Change your job description – make sure your job title isn’t pushing making your insurance more expensive when a more accurate title would be cheaper
  • Change your car – Cheap cars with small engines are cheaper to insure
  • Pay a higher excess – Raising the excess spreads risk for the insurer and gives a lower price
  • Compare quotes – Check the price with at least three comparison sites or providers
  • Challenge your insurer to match or beat the best quote
  • Don’t pay for cover you do not need – make sure you are not spending for add-ons you won’t use
  • Get quotes 29 days before renewal – they are often valid for 28 days, so if prices go up, the quoted figure still holds
  • Look at fitting a telematics black box for ‘pay as you drive’ cover
  • Park overnight in a garage instead of on a street – this will bring the cost down
  • Pay in one go instead of taking credit

Many of these tips won’t deliver cheap car insurance on their own – but taken as a whole they can knock pounds off the amount a driver pays.

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