It’s official – men are more likely to crash cars than women

Men are more likely to crash their cars than women because they live life in the fast lane and have worse driving habits, according to new research.

Men are twice as likely to have a car crash than women as they are careless, reckless and hurry more, says a report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The IAM found women are more geared up to drive safely than men because the sexes portray three main differences in attitudes behind the wheel:

  • Men are more likely to be careless, reckless or in a hurry
  • Men drive too fast for the road conditions
  • Men have more bad driving habits than women

The report, Licensed to skill: Contributory factors in road accidents, concludes men and women both enjoy driving, and rate themselves to be confident, considerate and safe – but often the rating is correct for women and less so for men.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said:  “These results show that we need to look at the psychology of male drivers to reduce risky behaviour and over-confidence, but for both sexes accidents could be easily reduced by improving driver skills and lives could be saved. 

“The government is moving towards this by introducing driver training for careless driving offences but all drivers should consider training. Driving is a life-long skill that requires life-long learning.” 

The findings are part of the IAM’s campaign to promote better driver training and follows a recent poll that highlighted many drivers believe someone convicted of careless driving should take compulsory driver training.

The research also showed many drivers believe they should have a choice between more training or paying a fine if they commit a traffic offence.

Only 15% of drivers consider fixed penalty notices as the best way to tackle careless driving.

Best said: “This poll shows broad support for the government’s road safety strategy, but that fixed penalty notices are not popular. 

“The vast majority of crashes are caused by driver error, they are not deliberate – fining drivers is punitive and does not improve driving skills. Driver quality is the key issue in improving road safety. This poll recognises that driving is a skill that needs refreshing and updating. More courses to address poor driving will make our roads safer.”

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