Watch for monkey business if you breakdown in a safari park

The last place you want monkey business when you break down is in a safari park.

The trouble is slow moving traffic and some older cars that need some TLC tend to boil over or stop running in the wide open spaces of the enclosures.

Even if you have breakdown insurance, the mechanic is unlikely to want to come and hitch up your broken down car in the middle of a prowling lions looking for a snack.

If you are planning a day out in the wilds of a drive-through safari park, then check your oil, tyre, water, coolant and fuel levels…before you go in.

At least you can try to avoid those pesky baboons and monkeys from destroying your car – unless it’s a Hyundai.

Apparently, the firm decided to stress test the latest i30 hatchback by letting several baboons go wild.

The makers wanted to see how fittings inside and out stood up to a battering, so they left one unlocked and open in Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside, for 10 hours.

When the team returned, they were surprised to see the features designed to stand up to the most destructive and messy of passengers, like extra strong interior plastics, easy-wipe surfaces and reinforced fixtures and fittings were almost untouched.

So what happens if you breakdown with lions roaming nearby?

Don’t worry too much, but do stay in the car. Safari parks have special rescue teams to tow broken down cars to safety, but once out of the enclosure, you will need to arrange a tow, which is where breakdown cover comes in handy.

One warden at West Midlands Safari Park broke down in an enclosure was pushed out of the gates by a passing African elephant who decided to lend a helping trunk – she even gave the car a wash and blow dry with her trunk.

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