Revealed – the cars most likely to have a crash

Drivers know just how much insurance companies love their statistics – especially when they can leverage the numbers to edge up premiums.

The latest is assessing your risk of an accident against the type of car you drive.

The easy conclusion to jump to would be young drivers with boy racer cars have the most crashes – but this does not appear to be the case.

The car with the dubious honour of most likely to be involved in a road accident is the rather sedate Honda FR-V people carrier, with one in five owners staking a claim against their insurance.

Next in line for a bumpy accident claim record is a Volvo XC90 – with 16% of owners looking for pay outs after crashes. Then come the Lexus RX (15.5% of owners claiming) and the Mazda 5 (15.3% of owners claiming).

Bad luck

Other top 10 entries were Honda’s Jazz and CR-V, the Volkswagen Touran, Hyundai Santa, Toyota Rav and Mazda 3.

The numbers relate to the percentage of drivers making accident claims, and in no way reflect on the safety of the vehicles concerned but more on the driving skills and bad luck of their drivers.

The lowest claim rates were for the Mazda 2 TS TD with only nine accident claims recorded in the last five years. Also hovering around the 1% mark were Nissan’s Skyline, the Ford Focus RS and the Fiat Cinquecento. 

Don’t forget, these figures relate to the accident claims made by drivers – not the safety records of the cars.

The figures were extracted from a year’s worth of customer quotes generated by an online insurance comparison site.

Car insurance claims

Why these specific makes and models show up as the cars making most accident claims is a mystery.

Statistically, the Insurance Blogger would expect the models that sell the most to have the highest accident statistics simply because more of these vehicles are on the road for longer.

Car insurers have banded cars by performance, emissions and other criteria for years, but traditionally, the drivers are assessed for accident risk rather than their vehicles.

Perhaps these new statistics are part of a worrying trend that means the car you drive rather than the way you drive it will affect the cost of your car insurance.

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