Office Insurance Explained | Types of Cover Needed

Office insurance is an increasingly important safeguard against business disruption resulting from break-ins.

Offices are a soft target for crooks because they are often out-of-the-way of prying eyes and are stacked with expensive electronics.

A business faces crippling problems if electronic data is stolen or can’t be accessed because computers have been stolen or damaged.

Making an office 100% secure is impossible – most security slows down all but the most determined thief, so putting the right level of office insurance in place is a top priority for many businesses.

Although break-ins are a major problem, offices also have all the same insurance issues as any other business.

Buying the right office insurance is more about making sure that a business is not hindered by unforeseen events.

To make sure you office insurance offers the best cover, check out these points:

  • List your business electronics, like computers, lap tops, printers, scanners, telephones – and don’t forget the TV and DVD player in the training room or electronic whiteboards and other specialist computer peripherals
  • Office insurance is unlikely to cover the value of your data and specialist software – just the hard drive that stores the information, so back up online to a remote server. Those hard drives will go down at some time anyway, so online backups are a sensible precaution.
  • Check you locks, bar the windows and look for weak-spots that are out of sight that burglars can exploit. Fit CCTV and PIN code locks for extra peace of mind.

Look at the add-ons your business may need for full protection – tailor the policy to a business review rather than buying an off-the-peg policy.

Look at the basics like public liability and then add employers liability if you employ staff, accidental damage cover for electronic equipment and office furniture and business interruption.

If you own the premises, do not forget buildings insurance.

If you are unsure of the best office insurance package for your business, talk to a specialist broker who can talk you through the options to make sure you buy the best cover at the cheapest price.

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