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Who pays for the Floods? Flood Re Insurance Agreement under Spotlight

Mobile Smartphone Shows Rain Weather ForecastHomeowners drying out after the bad weather are still facing higher insurance premiums as the government and insurers argue over watering down a flood protection deal.

The scheme – Flood Re – was due to start in the summer of 2015, but both sides have spent years bickering over who pays for what and the rows are still continuing. Continue reading

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Online driving licences to make car insurance cheaper

online drivign licenceCar insurance is about to get cheaper as insurers can check out driver convictions online from March 2014.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reckons the new database will shave up to £15 off the cost of car insurance by letting firms tackle fraud by looking at endorsements drivers may have for speeding and other traffic offences. Continue reading

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Burglary, fire and theft … what 2014 has in store for insurance

crystal ballOne insurance firm is so confident about predicting claims for the year ahead that they have produced a calendar warning drivers and homeowners of the troubles ahead.

The forecast comes from analysing a decade of claims data by insurance giant Aviva. Continue reading

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Flood deal may push up cost of landlord insurance

Landlord buy to let insurance prices are set to rise as a new flood insurance deal struck between insurers and the government is likely to exclude rented out homes.

The insurance agreement – Flood Re – is aimed at making sure homeowners in flood risk zones can still pick up affordable cover. Continue reading

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Comprehensive car insurance cots fall…year on year

eg_travicon_38Drivers ended 2013 with cheap car insurance as prices tumbled 9% over the year, according to industry statistics.

The figures were released by trade body the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which tracks the cost of comprehensive car insurance policies across around 90% of the industry. The survey found: Continue reading

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Smart box takes six seconds to reconstruct a crash

smart boxThe next generation of black box technology for cars will take proving a driver’s talent behind the wheel up a gear.

Instead of just tracking where a vehicle is and how the driver brakes, accelerates and corners, the new smart box will reconstruct an accident in seconds. Continue reading

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Being right on CUE could put up your insurance

CUE insuranceIf you don’t want to bump up your insurance premiums, don’t ring your insurer for advice. Not many customers have heard about the dreaded Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE), but if they have any insurance, their details will be logged. Continue reading

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Consumer watchdog demands cheaper car insurance

competition-commissionCar insurance companies are inflating repair and car hire costs that are adding up to £200 million a year to the cost of cover for drivers each year. An investigation by the Competition Commission revealed that insurers over-egg the no-fault claims procedure for motorists. Continue reading

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Cheap black box car insurance woos young drivers

black boxBlack box in-car technology is gaining in popularity and nearly a fifth of all drivers are considering a switch when their car insurance comes up for renewal.

Only 4% of drivers have the technology fitted, but the lure of cheaper car insurance for safe drivers is proving irresistible to many. The findings come from an independent survey by research firm Consumer Intelligence. Continue reading

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Accidental landlords trip up on buy to let safety

House For Rent Sign Shows RentalThousands of amateur landlords are failing tenants by ignoring their legal obligations to keep buy to let homes safe, claims a leading insurance firm. The research focused on accidental landlords – property owners who moved on and rented out their former home because they were unable to sell. Continue reading

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