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Euro police gear up to slap fines on foreign drivers

euro policeBritain is one of only three countries refusing to sign a treaty to share information about driving offences with European neighbours.

Drivers in Britain, Ireland and Denmark are not taking part in the initiative that will see offences committed in other European Union countries reported to the nation issuing the offender’s home country. Continue reading

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Counting the cost of the house of little horrors

kids damageWhoever said children should be seen and not heard ever had to live with the little horrors, according to data showing how much damage they do to homes released by insurers.

In financial terms, the little darlings cost their parents an average £5,000 each for the swathe of damage they leave behind when growing up. Continue reading

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Why do insurance companies check your credit history?

credit historyWhether you pay your bills on time or have court judgements is as much interest to your home or car insurer as someone lending you money.

Anyone applying for insurance probably does not think twice about a credit search. But you will definitely be checked by the firm before they accept an application and will price your insurance cover accordingly as well. Continue reading

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Ghost car insurance costs innocent drivers millions

ghost brokerGhost car insurance brokers are haunting drivers who believe they have found cheap cover for their vehicles.

Insurers report dozens of attempts by fraudsters posing as insurance brokers try to arrange cut-price cover for drivers every day. Continue reading

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Don’t let bad winter weather sink your boat

boat insuranceDarker nights and harsher winter weather mean most boating enthusiasts are dropping anchor until the spring.

However, insurers are warning laying up boats for the winter often leads to more claims on boat insurance than the warmer and lighter months when vessels are out on the sea, rivers and canals. Continue reading

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Home insurance costs keep on falling

home businessHome insurance costs have dropped for 18 months in a row, but insurance firms are bracing for a flood of bad weather claims in an expected bad winter.

Britain is already tidying up in the wake of St Jude’s Storm, which left a trail of damage and four people dead.

The concern is more storms will follow and that many areas will be submerged by flood water that will trigger claims of millions of pounds. Continue reading

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Does raising an excess make insurance cheaper?

raising excessIncreasing voluntary excesses when taking out home or car cover is a well-known way to make insurance cheaper.

But the latest research throws doubt on whether offering to pay more out of your own pocket towards a claim is really sensible.

The doubt comes from a study by supermarket insurer Sainsbury’s Bank. Continue reading

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Burglary claims soar as the clocks go back

burglary insuranceThe cover of darkness after the clocks go back cloaks burglars and thieves and sends insurance claims soaring.

One insurer explains the cash paid out to settle burglary claims during the winter surges by 21% to £13 million compared to claims made during the summer.

The average cost of a burglary in winter is £1,746, according to the study by The Halifax, compared to £1,269 in the summer. Continue reading

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Don’t believe a word insurance companies say

do the mathInsurance companies are not benign entities ready to sign off a big, fat cheque when life’s worst happens.

They are multinational conglomerates designed as money machines to print off cash for the shareholders from the profits they make. Their marketing is often based on guilt. Continue reading

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Don’t take no for an answer from home insurers

say no subsidenceKeeping your nerve when making a home insurance claim can pay off dividends as a homeowner whose home was collapsing around her found out.

Kim McCloskey’s Grade 2 listed property in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, badgered her home insurers into making repairs after they turned down her claim. Continue reading

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