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Hot tips for finding the best insurance for welders

As every welder knows ‘hot work risk’ is expensive to insure and often sparks controversy in the welding community. Depending on the welder’s business, premiums can range from as little as £500 a year to £10,000 or more. So how do welders, mobile welders and blacksmiths go about finding the best value business insurance? Continue reading

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How star signs affect the way you drive

Let’s hope the latest research about how star signs affect drivers is not taken up by insurers – or a lot of drivers with birthdays in October and November are likely to see their premiums go up. Continue reading

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Thieves can’t be left to their own devices

Thieves are targeting youngsters out about with the latest technology gadgets according to the latest crime figures.

Thefts from the person involving mobile phones, which covers offences like robbery and pickpocketing, were up 31% last year.

And the figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also reveal 46% of pickpocketing crimes related to stealing a mobile. Continue reading

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Comparison sites do deliver cheaper home insurance!

Comparison sites win hands-down when it comes to finding the cheapest building and contents insurance deals.

Searching for cheap home and car insurance online nets homeowners bigger savings than going directly to insurance firms or dealing with a broker.

Figures compiled by the AA reveal that the average buildings insurance policy bought this month would cost £218.93 when going direct to an insurer. Buying from a comparison site, the same cover costs £179.39. Continue reading

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Car insurance costs start to fall at last

Motorists are at last seeing car insurance costs fall, according to new research.

Premiums were down an average 1.4% in the first three months of 2013, the results of the AA British Insurance Premium Index show.

Statistics reveal that the cost of an annual comprehensive policy tracked by the AA is now an average of £746.75. Continue reading

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Young drivers are not so smart with their cars

Pensioners can change a flat tyre on their car easier than younger drivers, according to new research.

The study shows that more than 13.5 million UK motorists would struggle to put the spare wheel on their vehicle without help from someone else.

Those in retirement are more likely to handle the job themselves than 18 to 24-year-olds. Although youngsters can handle smartphones and gadgets easily, they struggle with car maintenance.

Nearly half of motorists would have to ring for help if they got a flat tyre. And three-quarters of female drivers would become damsels in distress and call for assistance.

The study, which questions 1,400 randomly chosen drivers, found that just 46% of young drivers are able to change a flat tyre alone. But 49% of over 65s said they could handle this task.

Young drivers were also the least aware of the many features and functions of their vehicles and carrying out basic maintenance.

The over 65 drivers scored better than the 18 to 24-year-olds on all of the 15 questions on car knowledge and maintenance. Pensioners are more likely to be able to do things such as check oil levels, change a headlight bulb and top up the anti-freeze.

Furthermore, nearly one in five younger drivers are not even aware if their car has a spare wheel, and 15% do not know how to turn the headlights on. Nearly a third do not know what the dashboard display and warning lights mean.

And worryingly, the younger motorists are also least likely to have taken precautions against roadside emergencies, with just over two-thirds having breakdown cover compared to 92% of over 65s.

Car insurance expert Scott Kelly said the research shows that younger drivers have a lot to learn from their elders. Even the simple tasks leave them stumped, but reading the manual is a must, he continued.

The research was carried out by insurance site Gocompare.com

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Will ‘Wrong Sign’ Speeders Get Their Money Back?

Insurance firms whho routinely ramp up the cost of premiums for drivers with speeding convictions are watching developments in Warwickshire closely.

That’s because the police have been using illegal signs on the M42 close to Coventry and thousands of motorists could see their speeding convictions quashed. Continue reading

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Watching out for Professional Indemnity Insurance pitfalls that can cost thousands

Trying to keep costs down by switching professional indemnity insurers can leave consultants and small advice driven businesses in a world of financial pain.

More and more, insurers are selling their products on value for money, yet not all policies offer the same cover for the same price. Continue reading

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Insurers banned from unfairly rejecting claims

Unfair tactics by home and car insurers who rejected claims because customers had unwittingly failed to declare relevant information about their policies are banned from April 6, 2013.

The new Consumer Insurance Act stops insurance companies from avoiding a pay out by claiming customers had failed to disclose details that they did not realise would affect their cover. Continue reading

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Car insurance is a government approved rip-off

The good news for drivers is the cost of car insurance is likely to go down later in the year.

While motorists are unlikely to shed any tears, few car insurance firms are likely to turn a profit, according to a market review by international accounting consultants Ernst & Young. Continue reading

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