Police seize an uninsured car every four hours in just one city

Police are snatching an uninsured car once every four hours in Bradford in a bid to rid the roads of rogue drivers.

The city is a hot spot for uninsured drivers – and the police campaign has seen 4,000 cars removed from the streets in just two years.

Around 40% of the vehicles are scrapped.

A police spokesman said: “We work with Bradford Council and other agencies to tackle this issue and are continually carrying out both neighbourhood policing and roads policing operations to take uninsured drivers off the roads.

“Through the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) we are able to read the number plate of passing vehicles and check against the national insurance database.

“If the system is triggered the vehicle is stopped, and if no valid insurance is produced the driver can have their vehicle seized, paying hundreds of pounds for the duration of its compound.

“We are committing to driving uninsured drivers off the district’s roads, and plans are already in place for ANPR operations over the coming months to further target those who illegally use vehicles.”

The information about uninsured driving in Bradford was revealed in a debate by the influential Transport Select Committee in Parliament discussing the cost of car insurance.

Bradford East Liberal Democrat MP David Ward told fellow MPs that drivers in the city were quoted huge sums of up to £53,000 a year to insure their cars.

He told the committee that insurers were “crazy.”

“I was contacted in January by a teenager who was quoted £26,000 for third-party insurance on a 1.1 litre Citroen Saxo,” he said.

“When I raised this with a local paper  I was contacted by other young people who had received even more ridiculous quotes – one young woman was quoted a figure of £53,000.”

Select committee chairman Louise Ellman said: “Insurance premiums are too high. The insurance industry is dysfunctional. The committee will continue its scrutiny.”

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