Prototype traffic camera snoops in your car as you drive past

The Insurance Blogger uncovers a new generation of traffic cameras aimed at catching drivers committing up to five motoring offences at the same time which are undergoing secret testing.

The roadside spy checks every vehicle that drives past. Prosecutions are instigated via a satellite link to police computers within seconds of an image being taken and analysed.

Images of drivers who do not commit any offences are destroyed within a month.

The £50,000 ASSET super-sleuth simultaneously:

  • Checks for speeding
  • Photographs the driver to check if a seatbelt is worn
  • Measures the distance between vehicles to detect tailgating
  • Checks if the vehicle is insured
  • Checks if the vehicle has valid road tax

The trailer-mounted cameras are undergoing tests in Finland, which are scheduled to finish by Christmas. Police forces across Europe will then connect to the system under a £7.1 million program funded by the European Union.

The ASSET is the first multi-function law enforcement camera.

 Matti Kutila of VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland (which is testing the camera) said: “The main intention is to support traffic police so that drivers follow traffic rules such as wearing seat belts, keep to the speed limit and maintaining sufficient distance to the vehicle in front.”

Speed camera jammer banned

 Meanwhile, Jamie Shreeve, 21, of Caister, near Great Yarmouth, was banned from driving for a month after mounting a speed camera jammer on his turbo-charged Porsche 911 after police stopped the car on the A47 in Norfolk.

 He pleaded guilty to obstructing a police officer at Great Yarmouth Magistrates court and was fined £100 with £85 in addition to picking up the ban. The device stops cameras from registering speeding cars and is sold for up to £500 a time on the internet as a ‘parking sensor’. Another 10 motorists are expected to face similar charges in court over the coming weeks.

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  1. martin john says:

    just another big brother directive from the eu soviet styled union we should be worried about…. have you ever noticed that nothing the EU SU can do helps our lives in any way.. its simply disigned to take from the poor and feed the rich all the time…. soviet! [communisim] All they want is nice obedient slaves in the home and on the slave roads!!! do you think these laws aply to thee so called elite? not a chance! and even if they did the fines for them are disproportionate…… down with the communist EU bring back the PUNT

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