Racing drivers play beat the sat-nav clock

Thousands of motorists have admitted crashing their cars while racing against the arrival times set on their in-car navigation.

Over 144,000 drivers confess they have hit another vehicle in the last 12 months, while another 216,000 have hit the kerb while driving erratically. 

Millions of drivers cut corners and speed to beat their sat-nav countdown,  claim researchers for Sainsbury’s Car Insurance.

Drivers try to beat the clock set by entering a destination in to a navigation system that then gives an estimated time of arrival.

According to the research findings, almost 3.6 million motorists break the speed limit when racing to reach their destination on time or quicker in the last 12 months.

Another 322,000 drivers made risky overtakes and 241,000 have tailgated other vehicles in an attempt to save time.

Over 160,000 drivers have flashed their lights or signalled other drivers to try to speed up so they did not lose time on their journey.    

Ben Tyte, head of car insurance at Sainsbury’s said: “Our research shows a worrying trend of drivers racing against the projected arrival time set by their GPS systems. Used correctly GPS units are a fantastic invention that help drivers navigate effectively and concentrate on the road far more than when using maps or printed directions. 

“However, we are encouraging drivers using this new driving technology to have the safety of any passengers, other road users and pedestrians at the forefront of their minds and not be tempted to become GPS racers.”

Other bad driving habits brought out by sat-navs include drivers jumping traffic lights and failing to slow down at junctions.

One in five drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside admitted they race their GPS, while only 7%of those in the North East were offenders.

Poor driving and near-misses also prompted more than a million rows between drivers and their passengers.

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