Top 5 reasons for a rejected insurance claim

Thousands of homeowners and drivers miss out on insurance payouts every year because they are forgetful; while some set out to be devious.

Only this week, a semi-pro football star was jailed for trying to con an insurance firm out of £1.3 million by claiming he was left unable to walk after an accident – even though the insurers hired private detectives who filmed him playing breathless soccer for a full 90 minutes.

Other high profile insurance scams gone wrong include Hartlepool canoeist John Darwin who turned up alive and well after reportedly going missing at sea.

Although these cases hit the headlines, the just plain forgetful and the daffy pay the cost of not thinking and acting stupid every day.

To help you think twice before joining them, here’s a run down of the most popular ways of voiding insurance:

  • Hiding a spare key near the front door

Anyone who believes they are really hiding a key when it’s on a string behind the letterbox, under a stone or beneath a doormat needs to unlock their mind. Leaving a key out for an intruder is classed as negligence by the homeowner and instantly gives an insurer an excuse not to pay out.

  • Filling up with the wrong fuel

150,000 motorists fill their car with the wrong fuel every year – and 30% of insurance companies do not cover the error that can cost up to £5,000 to repair, says the British Insurance Brokers Association.

  • No fire without smoke

Smoke detectors that fail to go off because the batteries don’t work are a hot topic for insurers. Failing to replace batteries and check the alarm works could give an insurer reason to refuse a pay out if a home is damaged by fire.

  • Leaving a car with the engine running

Motorists tempted to nip out of the driver’s seat with their car engine running so a thief can jump in are inviting insurers to reject their claims

  • Lacking social awareness

Insurance companies do look up customers making claims on Facebook and Twitter to see if they have contributed to a theft or break in by advertising they are away from home or have valuable possessions online

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