Russian Car Insurance Scams: cash for crash ‘jumpers’

Cash for crash scams in Britain have driven up the cost of car insurance and led to insurers tightening up the rules for dealing with personal injury claims.

But if you thought British insurers were sometimes unfair in turning down valid appeals for compensation, take a look at the car insurance regime in Russia.There, cash for crash fraud is so rife and the attitude of insurers so stark, most drivers have dashboard mounted video cameras that record every minute of every journey just in case they need to make a claim.

And you can see why if you watch these videos of genuine incidents videoed by innocent drivers.

In the first, a pedestrian is walking down the middle of the road when he spots a Mercedes as a target for his scam.

As the car slows to overtake him, the man just falls down and feigns injury until a passer-by comes along and drags him up by the arm.

Then he just brushes himself down and walks off, no doubt to try and con a less savvy witness. See for Yourself

Next is a compilation of loony pedestrians randomly running out in front of moving vehicles to try and get knocked down. Watch Online

In the last video, a woman smashes a car bonnet to try and simulate impact damage, throws the contents of her handbag on the road and lies down playing dead.

The sad conclusion is that wherever you are in the world, if you try and do the right thing by abiding by the law and paying your dues, someone, somewhere is plotting to try to get their hands on some cash by cheating.

But don’t forget that despite the chancers who risk life and limb for a few pounds, not everyone is a rogue out for your cash. Fortunately, friendly, genuine, honest people still outnumber the crooks looking for some easy money.

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