Safe winter driving checklist

Winter’s coming and drivers should check their cars and vans to make sure they are ready for what’s ahead. Every year, bad weather leaves thousands of drivers stranded and at the mercy of the elements.

To help out, here is a checklist of tips for making sure you survive a breakdown in the cold:

  1. Flat or faulty batteries are the most encountered faults by roadside assistance services. The most common causes are loose terminal connections and low voltage from undercharging. Check the terminals are tight and protect them with a coating of gel or grease and if you tend to drive short distances, charge the battery overnight every two weeks or so
  2. Top up windscreen washer with a winter mixture that includes antifreeze
  3. Check windscreen wipers and replace worn blades
  4. Carry de-icer for the windscreen and maybe a small canister in your pocket for the locks
  5. Put a blanket and an emergency pack of snacks and drinks in the boot in case you are stranded in the cold. In severe weather, a snow shovel and broom are also advisable for driving cross-country.
  6. Check the tyres are at the right pressure and have good tread
  7. Make sure you have enough fuel for the journey. Running out of fuel is another top call-out problem for roadside assistance services.
  8. Resist the temptation to make non-essential journeys when the weather is really bad
  9. Remember the roads may ice up at night – drive slower and don’t jam on the brakes or you could skid.
  10. Consider cost-effective breakdown insurance cover that will give roadside assistance to make sure you and your car reach your destination safely.

Following our winter driving tips won’t stop the bad weather, but at least you and your car will have a better chance of completing your journey.

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  1. Robert says:

    Number 4 is one of the big ones – I hate that sinking feeling when the icy morning comes and you realise you’ve forgotten to buy a new can of de-icer. Always best to stay in stock.

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