Search for cheap car insurance dominates the internet

They might have some of the most annoying adverts on TV, but they also have the highest visibility for motorists searching for cheaper car insurance.

GoCompare has managed to hold off the fast rising star of car insurance comparison websites, Google.

The figures have been put together by research firm Greenlight which analyses various criteria to decide which website has the highest visibility to its potential customers.

Their report also reveals some of the most popular search terms being used by people looking for better car insurance deals.

The report shows that online searches for insurance-related products have dropped from 1.8 million last October to 1.1 million in February.

Car insurance web searches

However, the proportion of people looking for cheaper car insurance made up 64% of all insurance-related searches.

Of the most popular terms, the report says ‘car insurance’ accounted for 31% of all searches.

Competition for customers looking for car insurance is fierce with many investing heavily in their online price comparison websites.

GoCompare is on song with controversial opera singing star Gio Compario fronting their ads, and they were ranked as number one as the most visible advertiser in the report’s league table.

Close behind in second place is MoneySupermarket which has rocketed from eleventh place three months ago to its current position.

The third most popular website for people searching for car insurance is Compare the Market.

Since starting its own car insurance comparison website is five months ago, Google has climbed into fourth place as the most visible advertiser.

Shiela’s reels

However, the report also highlights some of the insurance industry’s biggest losers and this time around it is Sheila’s Wheels, a site dedicated to finding the best car insurance prices for women.

Their website plunged 18 places since the last report was published.

One reason being put forward for its poor showing is the recent EU regulation stipulating that insurance companies cannot have prices based on gender which means car insurance discounts for women are no longer allowable.

The rise of comparison websites for car insurance premiums looks set to continue as increasingly consumers opt to shop around rather than automatically renew a car insurance quote from their current insurer.

With such a massive market at stake, it is increasingly important for the car insurance comparison websites to be noticed by potential customers who are looking for the best deals on car insurance providers.

Greenlight says its report shows that the ones which are most visible are the ones most likely to be getting the most clicks from people renewing their car insurance.

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