Short-Term Van Insurance Explained

If you are a man in need of a van for the odd few days, you can save time and money with short term insurance.

Temporary cover is cheap van insurance that is quick and easy to arrange.

Every now and then, most people need a van to shift furniture, rubbish or to move large items that won’t fit in a car.

If you are borrowing a van, even if you have comprehensive cover, you will only have third party insurance while driving the van – and if you have a fault accident while moving something valuable, the insurance is unlikely to pay out for any damage to your vehicle or contents.

Taking out an annual policy for just a few days is not cost-effective as most insurers charge a fee if the cover is cancelled early. So short-term van insurance bridges the gap.

Even though you are likely to pay more per day for temporary cover than annual cover, the actual cost for the time you have the policy is likely to be cheaper.

Short-term cover is also a useful credit control tool for businesses as the insurance can be tailored to cover specific drivers and vehicles at any time. This makes switching someone from their own job to deliveries as holiday or sick cover cheap and easy.

Cover can last for just a day or up to a month.

Like other van insurance, the premium depends on several factors, like the vehicle type, driver’s age and experience on the roads, the load carried.

Many short term van insurers reduce their risk by setting a lower age limit on drivers, which is generally 25 years old.

Sometimes, the cover comes with a mileage limit – and driving over that limit will invalidate the policy.

Drivers should also have held a full driving licence for at least a year.

Short term van insurance is available from a number of specialist brokers and insurers and can quickly be arranged online or over the phone. Many insurers can set up a policy within an hour or two.

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