SORN cars and bikes still need insurance

Petrolheads with cars or motorbikes in storage or undergoing restoration projects still need to think about insurance if their prized vehicle is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Specialist insurers offer cover for vehicles that have been declared as not in use with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

This covers the bike or car for loss or damage due to fire or theft, so long as the policy conditions are met.For cover to be valid, the vehicles must have been declared off road under SORN rules and the registered keeper must take out the insurance policy. Insurers will cover vehicles that are simply put into storage and those that are undergoing restoration.

As with other vehicle insurance policies, any modifications must be specified and policies are available for multiple vehicles as long as the total value limit is not surpassed.

But owners must remember that the cover will not be valid as soon as the vehicle is used on the road again, so before taking to the streets they should get a new standard car or motorbike insurance policy and cancel the SORN cover.

A SORN declaration must be made if any vehicle is not going to be used on the roads. If no declaration is made, owners can be fined for not having insurance or vehicle tax.

The declaration must be made to the DVLA and there are several ways to apply.

Registered keepers can either fill in the V890 Statutory Off Road Notification form or contact the DVLA by phone or online, depending on when they receive the V5C document.

Those who are not the registered keeper of the vehicle must fill in section 6 and sign section 8 on the V5C and fill in the V890 Statutory Off Road Notification form

SORNs have an expiry date so owners must make a note of this to ensure they reapply in time if the vehicle is still off road, or arrange tax and insurance if it is going to be used again.

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