Stealing baby buggies is a push-over for thieves

Organised crooks are stealing expensive luxury branded pushchairs and selling them through online auction sites in a £60 million a year black market.

Ringing pushchairs is almost as problematic for police as organised car and cycle theft.

Thieves typically target buggies in or near the home, according to a recent report, that cites thefts are up 50% in just a few months.

Favourite pushchairs to steal include Bugaboo, Silver Cross, Quinny and Maclaren, although upmarket buggies like an £829 Stokke are sought after by crooks.

Stokke is considered as the Ferrari of pushchairs among ‘knowing’ parents who want nothing but the best for their babies and tots – especially those trawling online for second-hand bargains.

According to the report, a pushchair is most likely to be stolen from inside your garden, followed by when you are out and about, distracted in a car park, or relaxing at a cafe or restaurant.

Most home insurance policies will cover pushchair thefts from at or near home – but check out the policy small print with your insurer just in case.

Some of the most expensive push chairs – or travel systems as they are sometimes known- may have a price over the policy threshold and may need specifically adding to the schedule.

Which? Money deputy editor Nick Cheek said: “If your pushchair is stolen from inside your property or just outside  a decent home contents policy should cover the cost of a replacement. If you have personal possessions cover attached to your policy, you’ll usually be covered for thefts that occur while you’re away from home.

“It’s worth speaking to your insurers when you have a baby, particularly if you’ve shelled out for a top-of-the-range pushchair, cot or car seat. All those new baby product purchases can really add up, so it’s important to ensure they’re covered.”

Parents should also make sure grandparents upgrade their policies if children and all their expensive gear are left with them.

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