Student contents insurance FAQ

Students are sitting targets for thieves who know that they have thousands of pounds of gadgets in a shared house that is often empty for most of the day.

Many insurers offer special student contents insurance – and some halls of residence will have cover bundled in with the rent.But you can keep the price down and protect yourself with some simple tips:

  • Most student halls have electronic PIN or swipe card entry points and CCTV, but private shared houses may not.

Good security will include outside lights, good locks on exterior doors and windows and secure storage areas for bikes and sports gear.

If timber-framed windows do not have locks, ask for them to be fitted or permission in writing to fit them yourself. The locks cost a few pounds from any DIY and are easy to fit.

  • Close curtains or hide valuables from sight when you go out.
  • Buy a lock for your laptop, there are plenty out there; just run a quick Google search
  • Back up your work and digital downloads daily to avoid buying download cover. Services like iTunes will back up your entire music collection for around £25 a year and stream the music to any device.
  • Keep a digital record of receipts, serial numbers, makes and models or gadgets online – Google Drive , Evernote or Dropbox are three online services offering free space. Access them from any browser if your laptop, phone or tablet are lost.

Picasa offers free space for images – but you can also store them on Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Don’t buy double students contents cover. Mum and dad’s home insurance should offer students cover while at university, providing they return home during the holidays.

Buy extra cover to fill any gaps like gadget insurance for laptops, phones and tablets that will replace missing items quicker than standard home insurance.

Research by insurance firm Endsleigh reckons students take technology worth around £2,250 to university – but don’t forget to add in clothes, bikes and specialist sports equipment when calculating how much to cover your belongings for.

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