Stuff the Meerkat – Give drivers cheap car cover instead

meerkatDo all drivers find those special cut price car insurance offers and free gifts really annoying?

What the Insurance Blogger wants to see is a simple, no-nonsense figure of how much car insurance costs for the year and what the company is offering for the money.

What I don’t want is finding I could have bought the same cover from the same company cheaper elsewhere because the distributor takes less of a cut as commission.

I definitely don’t want a cuddly toy, free pen on any other free rubbish that is paid for out of the cost of my premium.

Put your meerkat where the sun don’t shine and give the Insurance Blogger cheaper car insurance.

Car insurance is sold on cost and cover. The Insurance Blogger wants an insurer that can be:

  • Trusted to offer the best value for money cover
  • Trusted not to unnecessarily hike the premium without offering anything extra on the off chance the customer will pay more without noticing
  • Trusted not to squirm out of paying a legitimate claim on some pretext in the smallest of small print I can’t even read at my age

It seems that the overriding factor the Insurance Blogger wants when looking for car insurance is to deal with a company that can be trusted.

Unfortunately, the Insurance Blogger cannot give unstinting loyalty to any car insurance company because none of them can be trusted to give a straightforward comparison of features and costs involved in taking out a policy without dressing the deal up.

How do you price a meerkat against a month’s free cover?

The meerkat goes for £20 plus postage on eBay, so I expect they work out about the same.

The Insurance Blogger is not alone in these gripes – one comparison site reckons 75% of motorists buy their insurance on cost and 51% on the quality of cover.

While a third stake their insurance on the insurer’s reputation and another third would like to trust their company will settle a claim.

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