Green light for tackling uninsured drivers

New laws to put the brakes on uninsured drivers are now in place – but motorists breaking the  rules have a month to get insurance cover.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) has the green light and means car owners must not keep their vehicles on the road without valid insurance cover.

Vehicles that are not roadworthy or in use must be covered by a statutory off road declaration.

Drivers with a car on the road without insurance – even parked vehicles – face fines and having the car seized and crushed.

The current grace period is to let motorists arrange insurance cover if they don’t have a policy or if it is about to run out.

Offenders will be tracked by matching DVLA vehicle records against a car insurance database set up by the Motor Insurance Bureau.

1.4 million vehicles have no insurance

Drivers suspected of owning a car without insurance will start to receive letters within a few weeks. Prosecutions and vehicle seizures will start from June 20.

Around 1.4 million uninsured vehicles are on the roads, according to government research.

Around 160 people die each year in accidents involving this vehicles.

Another 23,000 are injured and sorting out non-insured claims adds £30 to the cost of every honest driver’s car insurance premium.

“Uninsured drivers are a danger on our roads, killing and injuring people each year, and they cost honest motorists £500 million in extra premiums,” said Road Safety minister Mike Penning.

“That is why we are introducing this tough new law which will leave uninsured drivers with nowhere to hide. Our message is clear: Get insured or face a fine, court action or seeing your car seized and destroyed.”

Drivers without insurance are urged to arrange cover or remove their vehicles from the road.

CIE monitors car insurance to pinpoint registered vehicles that are not listed as off the road or insured.

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