Telematics Insurance: Drivers ready for cheap black box car insurance

Millions of drivers want to switch to spy-in-the-car black box technology to slash the cost of their insurance.

More than half of motorists (57%) expect to make the switch to telematics-based costing of car insurance in the next five years.

The hope is driving carefully with the help of technology will deliver cheap car insurance.

The idea is so appealling to drivers that 59% of over 55s would consider installing the black box in their car during the next five years, while a fifth of all driver (19%) said they would make the change on their next renewal.

The research by online car insurance comparison site Go Compare revealed that the concerns that had previously stopped drivers considering telematics no longer existed.

These included the lack of big name brands in the market and a lack of evidence of real savings.

Drivers are more keen to buy cheap car insurance based on their driving skills rather than age and gender as they believe more careful drivers will pay less, with:

  • 92% thinking car insurance costs should be based on the way they drive
  • 97% believe careful drivers should be rewarded with cheaper insurance
  • 60% want car insurance based on where and the time of day they drive
  • 49% still want to pay based on age and gender

Some insurers claim the average cost of car insurance for a male driver aged 17 to 22 drops by around £520 from £2,497 when a black box is fitted to their car.

Telematics operates via a small black box the size of a mobile phone fitted to a car that measures driver behaviour such as time of travel, journey distance, types of roads used, speed, acceleration and braking.

The insurer charges a premium calculated against the standard of driving.

Motorists can monitor their profile online, with some insurers offering hints and tips to improve their driving for cheaper car insurance.

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