Revealed! The Top 10 Targets for Car Thieves

The cost of car insurance depends on a host of factors, notably your driving history and what car you are driving.

So it’s hardly surprising that Ferrari drivers are going to pay over the odds, as the replacement costs for a  £100,000 plus supercar are going to be significantly more than that of a standard family saloon or hatchback.

Many insurers keep the details of how they calculate premiums a closely-guarded secret, but one has lifted the veil with a list of Britain’s top 10 stolen cars.

Swiftcover pored through more than 2,000 claims for stolen cars to draw up a table of the favourite targets for thieves – and came up with some surprising numbers after crunching the numbers.

The Land Rover Defender came out as the top target for crooks with the Range Rover sixth, while German luxury cars took seven of the remaining places – with the French Renault Laguna coming 10th.

Robin Reames, the firm’s chief claims officer, said: “Given that luxury vehicles are usually alarmed, well protected and parked in affluent – and ostensibly secure – neighbourhoods, it’s surprising that they’re still so likely to be targeted. This index should give drivers pause for thought: no car is immune from theft, and the best security system in the world won’t protect a car if, as is often the case, the keys are stolen.

“Often, luxury cars which are stolen are immediately sent abroad where they can be resold or stripped for parts. Cars which are popular internationally – such as the Land Rover range – are easier to sell on, which makes them much more desirable from a thief’s point of view.”

The poor old Land Rover Defender is also difficult to insure with many firms because of safety issues.

Many insurers refuse to cover Defenders with sideways facing bench seats – opting to only insure vehicles with front facing seats because of safety issues.

Top 10 Stolen Cars

Make/Model Theft Index rating
1 Land Rover Defender 4.00%
2 BMW 7 Series 3.35%
3 Audi A5 3.00%
4 BMW X5 1.70%
5 Mercedes ML 1.57%
6 Land Rover Range Rover 1.55%
7 Audi TT 1.51%
8 BMW Z4 1.47%
9 Audi A3 1.45%
10 Renault Laguna 1.37%
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