Criminal and uninsured drivers revealed!

Criminal drivers in some neighbourhoods are pushing up the costs of car insurance for honest drivers.

The Insurance Blogger has compared statistics for cash-for-crash scammers and drivers without insurance to reveal that the same post code areas are top the tables for both offences.

The table below (and the list in our post on 26th October) reveal who the dishonest drivers really are for the first time.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Motor Insurers’ Database (two industry organisations funded by insurance firms to help the police) released the statistics.

Car insurance companies say that dishonest drivers are costing other insured motorists an average £80 on the cost of the car cover, and that figure is even more in the worst neighbourhoods for insurance fraud.

Research by the Motor Insurers’ Database (the organisation that holds details of all car insurance policies) pinpoints the drivers most likely to have no insurance as men aged 18 – 26 years old.

Sifting the data also reveals some other facts about uninsured drivers.

At 4% of all drivers, the UK has the highest number of drivers without insurance in Europe. With about 15 million diving licences issued, that’s 600,000 drivers.

Surprisingly, despite passing a driving test, one in ten drivers aged less than 34 years old believe they can legally drive without insurance.

A Bradford postcode tops the league for cash for crash scams and uninsured drivers. Honest drivers living in the area pay up to 58% more for their insurance as a result.

Police confiscated £150,000 of £300,000 owed as proceeds of crime from a former garage owner in Keighley (Postcode BD21) a few weeks ago. The money was calculated as his share in fraudulent claims for accident damage arising from ‘cash for crash’ claims.

Here are the lists of shame for the UK:




Police area All vehicles Uninsured vehicles (Estimated)
Metropolitan (London) 3,798,066 400,855 10.55%
Merseyside 760,696 75,770 9.96%
Greater Manchester 1,642,120 129,939 7.91%
West Midlands 1,961,338 121,897 6.21%
West Yorkshire 1,455,263 84,624 5.82%
Northern Ireland 1,023,243 49,491 4.84%
Lancashire 1,047,795 49,517 4.73%
Bedfordshire 450,394 20,648 4.58%
South Yorkshire 940,253 36,847 3.92%
Cleveland 412,666 15,647 3.79%
South Wales 885,969 32,105 3.62%
Cheshire 781,297 26,837 3.43%
Northumbria 835,908 27,929 3.34%
Surrey 1,273,477 41,881 3.29%
Nottinghamshire 821,092 26,482 3.23%
Gwent 456,112 13,914 3.05%
Durham 442,273 13,330 3.01%
Thames Valley 1,522,279 45,607 3.00%
Hertfordshire 668,978 19,937 2.98%
Kent 1,244,856 36,422 2.93%

Source: Motor Insurers’ Bureau

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