Police identify uninsured driving black spots

Police are setting their sights on two key black spots where the number of motorists driving without car insurance is more than eight times the national average.

Uninsured driving is worst in the West Midlands and West Yorkshire, where vehicles without car insurance far exceed the averages in other areas, according to the Motors Insurers Bureau (MIB).

Birmingham collars six of the top 10 worst uninsured driving postcodes, Bradford three and Manchester one.

Police are planning a crackdown on drivers without insurance that includes seizing cars, wheel clamping and fines.

Chief Constable Phil Gormley, of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), said:  “Overall there is good progress being made to reduce the number of vehicles being driven without insurance and today there are 500,000 fewer of these on the roads than five years ago.  There are areas that continue to present a challenge for enforcement authorities.

“We know where these vehicles are and can focus our attention on areas where we have the greatest impact.”

Since June,  owners of cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks without insurance have received letters warning them to take out cover or to remove the vehicle from the road.  

Since 2005, enforcement has removed more than 750,000 uninsured vehicles from the road, and uninsured driving is expected to reduce further following the introduction of continuous insurance laws earlier this year.

Ashton West, MIB chief executive, said, “We cannot stand by and let uninsured driving continue, otherwise the honest motorist will keep paying the bills for the injury and damage caused to people and property.  

“We are determined to bring UK levels more in line with the rest of Western Europe and that is why the industry are committed to playing their part by enabling the police to identify vehicles that have no insurance.”

Car insurers claim every law-abiding driver with car insurance pays around £30 a year to cover the costs of uninsured drivers in accidents.

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