Buying insurance to cover a big, fat wedding disaster

As families get ready to write those big, fat cheques to pay for a wedding, it time to look at the best wedding insurance if something goes wrong to spoil the celebrations.

The cost of weddings is soaring. Even a modest ceremony and reception will set the happy couple back several thousand pounds – and many take out wedding insurance to cover the cost of disaster.

The problem is many policies do not offer enough cover to meet the costs – and a wedding relies on so many individual suppliers to come together for the big day that something is almost bound to go wrong.

Wedding plans include rings, stationery, the dresses, flowers, cars, the cake, catering, entertainment, hiring a venue, hotels and photographers, to name a few.

If one of these small businesses collapses, the day is ruined and the happy couple can be left seriously out-of-pocket.

With more than 100 wedding insurance policies on the market, it’s important to know the points to look for:

  • Check wedding cancellation limits – almost two-thirds of polices have a limit of less than £25,000, while some are as low as £2,500.
  • Look for wedding rearrangement cover – less than one in 10 policies cover the full costs, most only pay 25% or 50% of the bill.
  • Failure to deliver – 86% of policies do not cover suppliers who fail to deliver, even if they have already been paid.
  • Suppliers go bust – 20% of wedding insurance polices do not cover bills if the supplier has stopped trading due to financial problems.

Buying wedding insurance is more about the cover than the cost – a policy that does not pay out for a claim is no good.

Shop for the cover you need, then short list a few firms from their wedding insurance quotes based on price.

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