Weeding out the Truth about Spending by Gardeners

It’s forking hell in the garden according to the latest conflicting figures dug up from banks and insurance companies by the Insurance Blogger.

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, the Insurance Blogger had a right chuckle at the thorny conflict between HSBC Bank and the furrowed foreheads at Saga.

HSBc reckons garden loving homeowners are shrugging off their economic woes to shell out a massive £3.9 billion on grand designs to landscape and dress up their plots.

In a shocking revelation, HSBC discloses with undisguised astonishment that a third of homeowners grow fruit and vegetables.

The average spend per gardener is around £185 a year.

HSBC claims people are falling back in love with their gardens and spending money to try to improve the look and value of their homes.

HSBC’s Peter Dockar said: “This is set to be a memorable year with many households holding garden parties. Britain has traditionally had a love affair with gardens but with households facing financial pressures, people have to make difficult decisions about where to spend their cash.

“Budget for non-essential items has gone down in favour of general improvements, including landscape projects. Improving the general outlook of the garden can not only boost quality of life but also help to increase property value.”

Enter those spoil sports from Saga.

They reckon 1 in 8 over 50s has had a garden thief nick tools, ornaments or furniture, running up average home insurance claims of £620 as time.

Call the Insurance Blogger a cynic, but it seems to me that Saga is raining on the HSBC parade by weeding out some detrimental data.

Surely Saga is saying that a significant amount of that £3.9 billion spend actually comes from insurance companies paying out to cover crime claims from gardeners, not from an increase in spending.

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  1. Check your home insurance for anything valuable stored in garden huts and sheds. It may not be covered unless specified. I personally had a claim on a push bike stolen from my garden shed refused by Halifax 14-years ago when I thought it was covered. My fault for not knowing…

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